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Throughout her life, Paula came to realise she was grieving for her son that is still alive.
As part of her own life journey and through counselling her clients, Paula came to understand and heal her personal grief for a child that had been through trauma, abuse and diagnosis of disabilities.
She could see that her testimony was helping her clients, friends and others she encountered, so decided to write this book in the hope she could help even more parents heal.
Paula is a Healer, Emotional Support Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Parenting from Chaos to Freedom: Living with Parental Grief

  • Paula Darch the Co-founder of The Heart Centre Academy of Healing and a Reiki Master, Seichim Master, Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy and a Crystal Healer.

    Over the years Paula has written many of her own courses and taught them throughout Adelaide. She loves to support women through empowering them with strategies to change their stories in Women’s Empowering Retreats.

    Paula has published her first book Parenting from Chaos to Freedom, Living with Parental Grief to support families through the many parental challenges, especially when a child diagnosed with a disability, drug addiction and behavioural challenges. Paula believes with support and connection the community will be a better place, to heal the past and move into a positive future.

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