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Access Bars Adelaide 1 Day Class




1 Day / 8 hours

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About the Course

Learn the Access Bars®

1 Day Access Bars® Adelaide Class.

Monkey Healing Hands - Troy Mansfield (Practitioner/Facilitator)

Google Review Ratings: 5 Stars.

During this one-day Access Bars® certified practitioner class with experienced and regarded facilitator, Troy Mansfield, you will learn how to run and deliver this process (bars) and how to use and apply this practice effectively with clients, family and friends. You receive a comprehensive manual with all the techniques, diagrams and tools from Access Consciousness® to change and create more ease in every area of your life!

Want to try it first?

If you are new to the Bars®, you can book a session and get your bars run.

1 Day Access Bars® Adelaide Class

Immerse Yourself in this Vibrant day of Change, Healing Capability and Consciousness with Access Bars®

The one-day Access Bars® Adelaide Class will equip you with the tools to change and create more ease in every area of your life!

This dynamic hands-on technique can assist you in changing anything that is not working for you. And you get to learn how to use some practical tools from Access Consciousness® to change limiting beliefs, emotions, and damaging patterns permanent. The beauty and ease of this technique and the Access tools are that they are super-fast and highly effective you can apply these to changing anything. Money, business, health, happiness, sex, relationships absolutely anything!

Who is this class for?

Anybody seeking to: - Be healthy, happy and empowered to know what they know - Looking to expand or start a business - Looking to create greater results with clients - Seeking a change - Seeking to expand Therapy skillsets / capabilities and possibly make additional revenue - A family who would like more peace and calm - Personal Interest in Alternative therapies, Access Bars or the benefit it can bring to others.

Are there any pre-requisites for this class?

There are no pre-requisites for this Access Bars® certification training. It’s an amazing way to explore a new self-growth, healing capability, career or business pathway. It's a BRILLIANT additional modality and skillset for any existing healers, health practitioners, and therapists plus it’s fully insurable! Today Access Bars® is practiced in over 170 countries worldwide, used as a potent and pragmatic tool by families, schools, businesses, athletes, prison wards, psychologists, artists and many more.

Over 500,000 Bars Class Practitioners worldwide and growing.

Excellent location in Mawson Lakes (Park Way).

Modern, comfortable and spacious training space.

Interactive and practical format.

Refreshments and light snacks provided throughout the day.

As it is a long day, bringing a packed lunch is recommended. 30-45 minutes will be allocated for a lunch break. Access and use of private kitchen (fridge/microwave). Private bathroom / toilet facilities.

Free and ample (street) parking.

On completion of the training, you will be capable, recognised and presented with a certificate of successful completion and become globally recognised with accreditation as a certified Access Bars® Practitioner.

Your Instructor

Troy Mansfield

Troy Mansfield

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