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Paula Darch the Co-founder of The Heart Centre Academy of Healing and a Reiki Master, Seichim Master, Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy and a Crystal Healer.

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His Reiki Training, Mentor Extraordinaire!! & Adored Friend

The universe delivered a significant gift in the form of an amazing soul with the wisdom, experience, knowhow and energy needed to spark and enable Troy's healing, Reiki and personal transformation.

This gift was in the form of an exceptionally talented, highly skilled and experienced spiritual guru, Paula. 

A mutual respect and appreciation of Paula and her dedicated care, guidance and Un waivered (nurturing) support and time, Paula naturally evolved as a key influencer, trusted mentor and one of his most adored and closest friends to this day.

She took Troy under her wing, encouraged, inspired, motivated, empowered and enabled him to develop strong wellness skills and capabilities. Most importantly, allow him to heal and see his abilities and how his gift could continue to help others, needing a hand.

Troys passion began with and continues thanks to a deep connection, belief and appreciation to Reiki, energy healing and the fulfilment in enabling and empowering others. Inspiration from his introduction to (and experience with) Reiki thanks to Paula's teaching and training, inspired Troy to want others to experience the same and adopted a "pay it forward - make it fun" commitment.... Excite, enable, inspire, support and empower others.

Involvement with the exciting movement, Access Consciousness in recent years (and currently), has continued to expand and advance Troy's capabilities and add to his ever-growing Reiki toolkit. Achieving recognised accreditation in a diverse range of innovative and highly effective energy, consciousness, knowledge and applied methods of treatments has him experienced in a wide range of additional healing, well-being therapies and skills.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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